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Falls of Baleine

The journey to this secluded waterfall – one of the most pristine on the island of St. Vincent – is as magical an experience as the falls themselves. Springing from the foothills of the Soufriere Mountains, the Falls are accessed by water, a boat ride through a narrow valley between stark cliffs that tower over its passengers.

The Baleine Falls themselves are one of the most majestic in an island filled with beautiful waterfalls. Shrouded in lush mountain forest, its sparkling waters plunge almost 60 feet to the rocks below. The waters stream into a rock-enclosed freshwater pool, a perfect spot for swimming.

Vincy MasĀ 

St. Vincent and the Grenadines Carnival is a massive Caribbean celebration in music, dance and design. It is a two-month party, a 24-hour revelry where the people release their inhibitions and enjoy a unique release from the daily stress of life. “Vincy Mas”, as it is commonly known, includes the “Miss SVG” competition, Parade of the Bands, Calypso Monarch, the King and Queen of Carnival competition and more activities. It is a feast for the eyes, ears, heart and soul.

Nine Mornings Festival

Nine Mornings is a unique Vincentian festivity associated with the Christmas season. Nine mornings before Christmas, the people awake in the early hours and partake in activities such as sea baths, dances, bicycle riding and street concerts. In the rural areas, the final morning of the festival usually ends with a steel band “jump-up”. Nine Mornings is believed to have developed from the early morning church services of the Catholics. All early risers are welcome to this special festival that combines the traditional with the contemporary.

Dark View Falls

Situated at the foothills of the Richmond Peak in the northwest of St. Vincent’s leeward side, Dark View Falls contains that rare wonder of twin waterfalls. The falls are multi-layered, the one above feeding below. For those wishing to relax and swim, the lower waterfall is perfect. A concrete pool for swimmers has been integrated into the natural stone-formed pond. The higher fall is nestled in the mountain forest above. Situated deep into the hillside, this waterfall is more secluded, more tranquil, less disturbed and more meditative. Whether you want to swim or trek, meditate or explore, Dark View has something for both the eco and conventional visitor.

Vermont Nature Trail









Cutting a path through the mountain of Grand Bonhomme in the south of St. Vincent, the Vermont Nature Trail is an excellent spot for both hiking and nature watching. The trail consists of a network of loops on the mountain, 1,000 ft to 2,000 ft levels that go through both evergreen and tropical rain forest. The island’s dense vegetation (including towering streams) is on full display on the Vermont Nature Trail and hikers will also be able to spot some of the island’s numerous bird species, including the St.Vincent Parrot.